The Extraordinary Team: Positioning Your Organizational Leaders to Achieve Their Fullest Potential

Description: Your greatest asset is your team! Together, this cast of characters is writing your organization’s story. Yet, it is important to realize that there are several elements to every great story, including the characters, the setting, and the plot. What story are you writing, and is your team positioned to pen a best seller? Before turning the page on the next chapter in your organization, it could be the ideal time to hit pause in order to check in and care for the characters who make it all possible.

In this morning workshop, the following outcomes will be accomplished:

• Decode your team composite by understanding the uniqueness of each team member: your styles, your strengths, and your struggles.
• Dream your team culture so that it can be crafted and cultivated with thoughtful intentionality, and not by accident nor by default.
• Describe your team challenges that are an inevitable result of being an imperfect organization made up of imperfect people who perform imperfect tasks.
• Develop your team competencies and determine your team choices, knowing that performance can only rise as high as the ceiling of proficiency permits and daily decisions determine.
• Decide your team calendar and checkpoints to make certain that you are executing your tasks and evaluating your organizational activities against the backdrop of predetermined outcomes and clear success criteria.

Webinar Date: OHIMA 2020 Annual Meeting (Virtual Conference) - March 18, 2020

2.5 hours

Speaker:  Michael Brown, PhD returns!  He was so well received at our 2019 Annual Meeting that we have brought him back for a more in-depth workshop this morning in our Leadership Track.

Dr. Brown has been speaking, mentoring, and leading since 1991. Michael’s passions include teaching, writing, rigorous exercise, grilling out, peanut butter, people watching and power naps.

This is part of OHIMA's 2020 Virtual Conference. REGISTER HERE for this event.


Course Details

Introduction 00:15:00
Plotline #1: Discover Team Composite 00:15:00
Plotline #2: Dream Team Culture 00:20:00
Plotline #3: Determine Team Communication 00:20:00
Plotline #4: Diagnose Team Conflict 00:20:00
Plotline #5: Describe Team Challenges 00:10:00
Plotline #6: Develop Team Competencies 00:15:00
Plotline #7: Decide Team Choices 00:15:00
Plotline #8, 9, 10: Discuss Team Complexities, Calendar & Checkpoints 00:20:00
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