Description: Are you embracing your leadership style and the qualities that you bring to the table? Do you have a personal vision for your career? Do you want to lead but some days you are so frazzled that your vision and goals and muddled?

This 3-part webinar series is hosted by award-winning and renowned leadership expert Merida Johns, PhD, RHIA. Dr. Johns has 40 years' leadership experience in health information management and informatics on national and international levels.

Make this webinar series the beginning of your journey to fulfill your leadership potential! This webinar series is appropriate for all levels - from the new graduate just beginning his or her career to the established professional who is seeking the next step. Each attendee will take an inventory of his own personal strengths, explore his own leadership style and develop a personal vision for his career and learn how to set goals to achieve that vision.

Speaker:  Merida Johns, PhD, RHIA has 40 years' leadership experience in health information management and informatics on national and international levels. She started her career as Director of Quality Assurance and Assistant Director of medical records at Grossmont District hospital and later held the position of director of medical records at Scripps Clinic and hospital and Research Foundation in California.

Dr. Johns has served as President of the AHIMA and has received numerous honors, including AHIMA's Professional Achievement Award, AHIMA's Champion Award and in 2012, AHIMA's Distinguished Member Award, the association's highest membership honor.

Dr. Johns now heads up The Monarch Center for Women’s Leadership Development, a company that she founded that is committed to helping women empower themselves and fulfill their leadership and economic potential. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and conducts workshops and provides individual and group leadership coaching to those who want to lead and inspire others. She is a prolific author in the fields of health information management, team management, and women's leadership. Dr. Johns' personal vision is seizing the gift of life, and helping others fulfill their vision and purpose.


Part 1: What's Under the Covers - Your Strengths Revealed!
Duration: 1 hour

Leadership is rooted in who you are, not trying to be someone else. This workshop helps you identify and embrace the leadership value that you bring to the table. Using the Values in Action (VIA) strength inventory, you will explore a new dimension that makes up your leadership style and how to best leverage these strengths for career and personal fulfillment.

Part 2: The Sky is the Limit - Making Vision More than a Dream
Duration: 1 hour

Setting a personal vision and achieving it is a big part of leadership. If you feel your career is stuck and you don’t know what's holding you back, this interactive workshop will show you how to change your game. This workshop explores how you can use special techniques and tools and create new habits that help you set big goals and give you the steps to help achieve them.

Part 3: How Hot is Your Network?
Duration: 1 hour

In real estate it's "location, location, location." In business and leadership, it's "people, people, people." This workshop lets you recalibrate your network temperature and then see how hot you can really make it. During the workshop you will assess where you are, target high-impact goals to amass social capital, and take actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately to expand and use professional networks more successfully.

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Cost: $75 for the 3-part series
Domain: Organizational Management and Leadership


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